Si vis pacem, Para Bellum!

Those words are our second motto, meaning : "If you want peace, prepare for WAR!" Welcome to WARPATH™.

WARPATH Direct™ was founded in 2016 to import and resell best-of-breed international combat-sports training clothing to South Africa and soon branched into additionally producing it's own combat-sports training clothing brands namely WARPATH Fightwear™ & NEMESIS Fitness™which are trademarks belonging to Aggro Bezuidenhout.

SPORTAN™ Industries is the exclusive reseller & distributor of WARPATH Fightwear™  internationally. 

And so we reiterate the words of our first motto, written by the second king of Israel, the bravest man to ever walk the face of the earth, King David, Goliath's slayer:

"Blessed by Yahweh, my rock, who prepares by hands for battle, my fingers for war!" - Psalm 144:1

The Warpath

Jocko Willink

A couple of nights before his fight Aggro delivered an order to the Descendant of MMA, Brendan Lesar...

Special Delivery! The man's in camp. How could we refuse? Soldierboy looks mad somehow. Good hunting @descendant_mma

MAY 22, 2019

How Many Workouts Can You Miss Without Losing Progress?

"At some point, everyone misses a workout (or two). It isn’t a matter of if — but when. From injury to illness to vacation and work stress, there are plenty of reasons you might miss a workout. But how many workouts can you skip before you start losing your hard-earned gains?"

Dear Aggro,

I really cant thank you enough for everything you continue to do for us/me the consumer . You truly must love the sport of BJJ or just believe in doing business in the best way possible ( very possibly both ) , today you remind me that I still need to be as passionate about business and surely the results will follow . You will always have my support as a client and my admiration for unquestionable values as a human being and businessman.

Thank you so very much Aggro.

Sincere Regards


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